steel3-Following an inquiry on Global Carnival Centre (GCC)’s website in which the Black History Month Chairman Martin was requesting assistance from GCC’s Chief Executive Pax Nindi to guide on formulating and producing a new group to set up a new Carnival in Hull, a meeting was held at the Afro Caribbean Centre in Hull.
The meeting was an introduction to the members and hearing about the aspirations members in starting a new Carnival in Hull. Key to the discussion were issues relating to how the Carnival can be created with or without links with existing Festivals and other similar events e.g. traditional English carnivals and the Mayor’s existing Carnival.
The make up of the management of the Carnival, the name of the event and timing were also discussed with the following conclusions:
• There has to be a new Carnival committee created specially for this
• The agreed date for the event was agreed as Monday Bank holiday 3rd May
• After a long discussion it was agreed that the first year will be a small affair to
be expanded the following year to allow 2017 Carnival to be big and engaging
the whole community.
• The first Carnival to be held in and outside the City Hall. A recce was done to
the City Hall which is now provisionary booked
• The Carnival is to engage all sections of the community working with, local
Festivals, Carnivals, Schools, University, community groups, voluntary and arts
organisations and any stakeholders including the Council
• The first year will be a small affair as mentioned and the following year a small
procession will be added so by 2017 the group will be confident to run a major
Carnival procession.

Pax Nindi FRSA
Chief Executive
Global Carnival Centre